Tableware, bags, stationery, picture books, sundries, fabrics, character design. Shinzi Katoh's colorful creations encompass a great variety of genres.

Katoh brings an acute sensibility and care to all of his work, and the scope of his beautiful designs is truly boundless.

Katoh started working as a commercial designer in the 1970s, and designed and planned a great variety of items.  Many of his works
became popular not only in Japan, but abroad as well.  Katoh spent 15 years as chief designer for a Japanese company
and then established himself as an independent designer, trying his hand at everything from tableware and other sundries
to sweets.  He even tackled picture book illustration, and one of his books received a prestigious children's book award.

Recent years have seen Katoh exhibit his work more overseas, and to great acclaim. His products are for sale at an American
modern art museum's shop, and he has signed a deal with a British distributor. He is currently concentrating on completing
 work for an exhibition in New York.

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